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Herald of Advanced Information Technology

The scientific journal “Herald of Advanced Information Technology” is intended to expand the world of knowledge and applications for information technologies, to rally students, researchers and specialists in the field of information technologies, to promote the popularization of the results of basic and applied research. The subject of the journal is connected with the theoretical, methodological and implementation problems of information technology in different subject areas. The topics of the articles include the following areas: information technology methodology (processing and analyzing information of a different nature, information technology for computer-aided design, research and modeling of information processes, mathematical modeling, quality assessment), distributed information systems (diagnostics of computer systems; cyber-physical systems; distributed computer networks, systems and their components; cloud and network technologies; methods and systems for protecting information and cyber security; distributed data processing), information technologies in management (CAM and CAE systems, embedded management systems, Internet of things, information support for building production object management systems, electrical systems, smart city systems, electric efficient control systems, regulation and control of production facilities), information technologies in socio-economic and organizational-technical systems (IT in the management of portfolios, programs and projects; digital business and business intelligence; innovative technologies in education; augmented and virtual reality systems; digital technologies in culture and art). The journal can be useful to a wide audience of IT specialists - from scientists and practitioners of world renown to undergraduate and graduate students of IT specialties at universities, to anyone interested in theory and practice in the field of modern information technologies

Publisher Odessa National Polytechnic University (ONPU)


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